SYNGENTA d.o.o. – “Potato Crop Protection” brochure 2018/2019 (HR, SLO, BIH)



CLIENT: Syngenta Agro d.o.o.

We have designed a set of publications for SYNGENTA AGRO Ltd., different crop brochures unified under the same visual design and visual guidance of Syngenta Agro Ltd. These brochures were designed for promotion of new trends in agriculture and instructions of use for agronomists. The scope of publications is related to corn, wine grape, potato, and cereal. We have provided service of design and graphical layout, print and web preparations of files, preparing files for translation, technical specification to printing office with a definition of cutting form.  

Multilingual project: Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian.

October 2018 to December 2018
Team Members: Elizabeta Matahlija, Mirna Mostarčić, Helena Pavačić, Danko Tolić, Tina Goršić, Iva Stastny Brosig, Mirna Radić, Tina Bečica, …